Jamie Harvie, PE

Jamie Harvie, PE (AHIM)


  • Executive Director of Institute for a Sustainable Future (Duluth / USA)
  • Founder of the Commons Health Network
  • Founded the Healthy Food in Healthcare Initiative
  • Founding member of the Creating Health Collaborative

Jamie Harvie (PE) is the Executive Director of Duluth, U.S. based Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF) and founder of the Commons Health Network. He is a nationally recognized systems expert, through his extensive experience at the intersection of health, food and ecological health. His expertise includes the successful coordination of a national mercury healthcare elimination initiative for Health Care Without Harm, where he led negotiations with the top US retailers to voluntarily eliminate the sale of mercury thermometers, and the successful coordination and passage of mercury product legislation across the United States and globally.

Jamie Harvie founded the Healthy Food in Healthcare Initiative in which he directed a nationwide collaboration of NGO’s, famers, clinicians and healthcare partners, to create food policy and practice change models. This work included the development of the Healthy Food in Healthcare Pledge, a nationally adopted hospital commitment to nutritious food from sustainable food systems.  He served on the steering committee for the Green Guide for Healthcare, the healthcare sector’s only quantifiable sustainable design, construction and operations toolkit and included coordination and development of the nation’s first healthcare food service metrics.

In 2009, Jamie Harvie was awarded the NRDC “National Thought Leader” category for his work on sustainable food systems and healthcare. In 2013, along with Michelle Obama, he was included as one of “Top 20 Most Influential” food system leaders by Food Service Director Magazine. In 2015, he received the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Achievement Award from the Minnesota Public Health Association for life time achievement and contributions.  Mr. Harvie is a founding member of the Creating Health Collaborative, a global initiative of leading healthcare, clinical leadership. He speaks internationally on ecological health, health and food systems issues. Jamie Harvie has consulted for clients including the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, City of San Francisco, World Health Organization, the Blue Green Alliance and the Chinese Environmental Protection Agency. He is the author on numerous health, food system and prevention journal articles and is a contributor to the textbook Integrative Medicine.