Martina Assmann, MD


  • Board certified in Occupational Medicine and Psychotherapy
  • Course leader MBSR/MBCT
  • Board MBSR-MBCT-Association

Dr. Martina Assmann (MD) is physician for occupational medicine and (behavioural) psychotherapy as well as instructor for MBSR and MBCT and board member of the MBSR/MBCT professional association. She works in her own psychotherapy practice in Hamburg, with a focus on mindfulness.

After studying medicine Dr. Assmann worked many years in the fields of internal medicine (specialising in gastroenterology), occupational medicine and psychiatry/psychotherapy.

Since 2001 she has developed a greater interest in the risk and prevention of work-related illnesses caused by psychological stress and demands in different professions. Since 2009 Martina Assmann has been teaching MBSR and MBCT at different institutions, among others at the Hamburg school authority, the Centre for Mental Health at the Asklepios Clinic in Hamburg Harburg and the Centre for Resilience Hamburg.

Dr. Assmann strives to implement mindfulness meditation into the health care system, especially for the prevention and therapy of stress-related diseases and chronic pain disorders.