Peter Heusser, MD, PhD, MME (UniBe)


  • Expert of the Federal Office for Social Security and Health for the Evaluation Complementary Medicine / Switzerland
  • Chair of Medical Theory, Integrative and Anthroposophic Medicine at the Faculty of Health, University Witten/Herdecke
  • Founder of the clinical research centre at the Community Hospital Herdecke

Peter Heusser: 1950 born in the Swiss Alps. Swiss citizen. Schools in Switzerland and as an exchange student in Wisconsin, USA. 1976 graduation from University of Berne Medical School in. 1977 - 1982 postgraduate medical training in general medicine (internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics) in Swiss hospitals and postgraduate medical training in anthroposophic medicine in Arlesheim, Switzerland.

Since then 34 years of practical experience in anthroposophic medicine with general and oncological patients in Arlesheim and the university hospital in Bern. 1990-1995 Research associate for the Medical Section of the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, the international center for anthroposophic medicine.

1993 - 1998 co-chairman of a Swiss National Foundation Research Project on quality of life in advanced cancer patients treated with anthroposophic medicine. 1995 - 2008 lecturer and head, Department of Anthroposophic Medicine at the Institute of Complementary Medicine (KIKOM), University of Bern.

Since 1998 expert of the Swiss Ministries for Health and Health Insurance in national projects on the evaluation of complementary medicine. Since 2009 professor and chair holder of the Chair for Theory of Medicine, Integrative and Anthroposophic Medicine, and head of the Institute for Integrative Medicine at the Faculty of Health, Witten/Herdecke University, Germany.